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Faculty of Stomatology


You Belong Here

The Faculty of Stomatology strives to provide students with a standardized and updated curriculum over a five-year period, which includes eight semesters and one year of internship, and to adorn not only the highest level of professional standards with excellent teaching.

Dynamic Learning

The practical courses of Stamotlogy are conducted in the Faculties’ laboratories and are supervised by the faculty academic staff. The faculties have established advanced Biophysical, Chemical, and Biochemical laboratories and workshops such as Nutrition, Health Education, Environmental Health, Infants, Internal Medicine, Surgery and etc


Making this faculty become a prominent and innovative faculty of education and research in the field of dentistry in accordance with national and international standards.


Providing standard educational services in the field of Stomatology (dental medicine), effective teaching in the best possible ways, and providing research fields for training the best dentists in the health system of Afghanistan.


  • Training a responsible and equitable physician in providing quality health services.
  • Train professionals that have the ability to manage preventive and curative health care.
  • Enlighten the research and values of continuous memorization during your lifetime.
  • Providing professional dentistry and consulting services promotes and encourages public efforts to improve health.

The Faculty of Stomatology officially started operating in 2014, in order to provide effective educational services and training of specialized doctors according to the needs of the society within the framework of Zawul Institute of Higher Education.

 This faculty, with its experienced professors with master’s and doctoral degrees, teaches students effectively.

The faculty of Medicine is committed to academic excellence in medical education.

" I’m very glad that we have created an environment in which everyone can express themselves freely. "
Kabir Jawzjany
Academic Vice chancellor


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