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We are committed to our values


The Zawul Institute of Higher Education (ZIHE), established in 2012 and registered with the ministry of higher education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as a private higher education Institute with the registration #73. 

The number of students in ZIHE reached around 1900 for all the above mentioned faculties, out of which 60 to 65% are female and this is because ZIHE is specifically focused on female improvement as the deprived half of Afghan society.

ZIHE is also registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and have license # D– 44278.

ZIHE initially opened its doors in 2013 with 160 students and two faculties (Curative Medicine and Law & Political Sciences), that extended with faculties of Economics, Computer Science, stomatology as well as the initiative of bridging programs for post-registered midwives.

Our Team

Academic Vice Chancellor

Abdul Kabir Jawzjani

Quality Assurance


Student Affairs

Farid Qinat

Since its establishment, Zawul Institute of Higher Education as a pioneer Afghan private higher education institute concentrating on value based quality education, research and innovations to serve the educational needs of Afghanistan,  and overseas students.

Our Partners


Zawul Institute of Higher Education is an Innovative Educational and Research Center, adapting with the changing needs.

Our mission

ZIHE is for providing higher education at the level of bachelor and master degrees, conducting research and works innovatively in line with the scientific and professional standards.

Our offer

  • Standard Education
  • Research
  • Inovation
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