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Faculty of Curative Medicine


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The Faculty of Curative Medicine strives to provide students with a standardized and updated curriculum over a six-year period, which includes ten semesters and one year of internship, and to adorn not only the highest level of professional standards with excellent teaching.

Dynamic Learning

The practical courses of Medical Science conduct in the Faculties’ laboratories and supervised by the faculty academic staff. The faculties have established advanced Biophysical, Chemical and Biochemical laboratories and workshop such as Nutrition, Health Education, Environmental health, Infants, Internal Medicine, Surgery and etc


In accordance with national and international standards, making this faculty to become a prominent and innovative faculty of education and research in the field of medicine.


Providing standard educational services in the field of curative medicine, teaching in the best possible ways and providing research areas for training the best medical doctors with variety of abilities.


  • Educate a specialized generation, theoretically and practically (raising their level of awareness on how to prevent, control, diagnose and treat various diseases).
  • Providing facilities to learn research methodology and working on scientific research in curative medicine.
  • Assistance in establishing a standard health care system nationwide.
  • Maintaining and promoting the social status of the faculty.
  • Familiarity with regional and world health priorities and issues to empower students to strive in providing solutions to promote health in society and a tendency towards justice in health.

The education courses are based on the international updated curriculums on premedical and medical sciences and is according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic republic of Afghanistan.

The curriculums include standard courses for quality education of every student to be empowered with related knowledge and skills and to behave with all norm and standards for a perfect health service provider.

The faculty of Medicine is committed to academic excellence in medical education.

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