The Objectives

We started by defined smaller objectives and stepping gradually towards our aims. Obviously, faculty had resources limitations but considering the constraints of resources, opportunities and facilities we could partially achieve our goals. For example, the faculty has been constituted, academic staffs have been hired, a study curriculum has been developed and officially processed and approved by MoHE and as a result currently about 80 students are studying at the faculty and the first cohort is studying at 6th semester, second cohort at 4th semester and 3rd cohort is studying in 2nd semester. To not forget the faculty is still new and needs more efforts to adopt the highest standards and provides the best quality.

The faculty’s activities are organized with the following objectives:

  1. Semester wise teaching at maximum 144, at average 72 and at minimum 18 credit points per semester
  2. Administratively organizing teaching and studies affairs
  3. Controlling and observing the implementation of curriculum
  4. Periodic revision of study’s curriculum and updating it through official procedure
  5. Assessing the degree of feasibility of subjects
  6. Offering consultancy services to our students
  7. Provide internship program
  8. Increasing number students by proving our service quality
  9. Putting more efforts to create more study’s opportunities
  10. Conducting new individual researches and research projects
  11. Launching academic conferences and creating new events
  12. Putting efforts and contributing to support the faculty.

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