Faculty’s Curriculum

Faculty’s Curriculum

Faculty of Computer Science in Zawul applies a standard, approved curriculum by MoHE. The short table below can draw a quick picture of the curriculum: 

The given points below shortly describe the curriculum

  • Computer Science’s curriculum provides faire combinations of topics to fulfill the local environment needs and also worldwide standards. It has been well aligned with computer study’s tradition globally.
  • Graduate of this faculty will have the chance to conduct further studies abroad.
  • Meanwhile, national study quality, educational background, economic abilities and national industry situation is considered in curriculum development.
  • The local situation doesn’t allow us to directly take a world level model because our students have not covered its prerequisites and also Afghanistan market is totally different in comparison with the markets of developed countries.
  • In Computer Science’s curriculum design, the focus shifted more on national markets including governmental and private organizations. The reason behind is that the graduates should have the chance to find a job and transform its knowledge in practice.

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