ZIHE’s Research Center

Zawul Institute of Higher Education established its center for research on 2014 (1393) as the essential part of the university structure.

Nothing is troublesome than doubtful and ignorance. Knowing, even for temporary period is soothing, and thinking has synchronism with the essence and nature of humanity.

According to this principle, ZIHE’s research center is working in order to develop the student knowledge on research and design of research project in sectors of Law & Political science, Medical Science, economic and Social science.

To achieve its goals, the research center is providing trainings for students of ZIHE on research methodology, develop students’ skills on research practices as well as monograph development.

 Afghanistan is a country that remained as a non-opened book, where the research activities was very limited in the past. Considering the importance of research for the future of Afghanistan, ZIHE added two credits for research’s knowledge and skills development for all its faculties student, in the last two semesters.