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Faculty of Law & political sciences

Faculty of Law & political sciences

DSCN3626The Faculty of Law and Political sciences has several lecture rooms and conducts a course of studies of 4 academic years (8semesters). This faculty is leading the degree of bachelor of law and political sciences to students who satisfy the rules and regulations and successfully pass the examinations undertaken before starting of academic years. The Faculty of Law & political sciences is located at the ZIHE, in Dehburi, Kabul the Deans office, the lecture theatres are in one block (separate building from faculties for medical sciences).

Our courses are based on the updated curricula on law and political sciences and are according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic republic of Afghanistan. The curriculum includes standard courses in principal of law, history, principal of politic sciences, international organizations, international law, Trade & commercial law, Civil law, Crime law and etc.

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