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Aims of Computer Science Faculty

Aims of Computer Science Faculty

Our aims are directed into three main directions, where we all our efforts are concentrated to achieve them as they are planned to be accomplished.

  1. Computer Science Higher Education: as previously well explained Afghanistan needs more IT professionals and experts, national wide. Zawul as part of its commitments launched computer science faculty with a well-modeled study curriculum and teaching methodology to office education at bachelor level at first step. To achieve this aim, Zawul is committed to provide all necessary services to educate volunteers in this field with obeying all standards and insuring highest quality of services.
  2. Scientific Researches: is second direction of our aims. The faculty as an academic unit of is committed to invest on research project and activities. As part of our believe we are interested to do researches and write academic documents like articles, books and provide scientific services like advices as intended to take part raising the development trade line.  
  3. DSCN0029This faculty is also committed to offer skill-centric trainings and also continuous education. It includes all IT related trainings for any organization or individuals who needs to make a trustable skillset to improve their business progress. Our programs in these directions are also designed based on current demands of market in a highly flexible way. It can be quickly aligned with organizational needs and requests. In this direction we offer in a higher degree customer oriented programs rather than academic once. The program’s orientation depends on customer needs, but the quality and duration will be in some degrees strict because we expected to keep program’s quality trends and outcomes in a pick level.

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